This is only the beginning…

29 Sep

So, I am here – in London, at the University of Greenwich. This wasn’t easy goal for me, but I’ve already achieved it and I’m very excited. Now everything is so new – the city, people here, the language, a system of education and especially my course. I’ve never studied Graphic Design or whatever connected with design. But I have experience and I am so eager to learn… For me every step is a new challenge, even every day here, but I can’t wait for the next one. And although most of the time I feel stupid and confused and I don’t understand so many things, I am still happy to be here. There is something very enchanting to be as a newborn…

I have to do that, I mean my blog and I am not sure that this will be something worth, but at least I will try.

So, as I said, this is only the beginning of my 3-years journey and I’m in front of the start line. Let’s see…

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