Welcome to my magazine!

This is an entirely new project for Art & Design in Context. We were introduced to the new brief by Mark Ingham at “David Fussey Lecture Theatre”. Now we will have a lecture every Wednesday there, conducted by different people, each ot them related to design somehow. We need to record everything, to take notes and later to write an article about it. In the end, we have to create a film or animation, blog or newspaper, magazine or book about all lectures.

Each article has to be separated from the others, for example to be in different section or chapter and to consist at least 300 words. However, we must choose one lecture, which was really interesting for us, and to extend it to 1500 words. Moreover, it is recommendable to use library and Internet, to make additional research and to do everything to create our piece more exciting.

I really like this project, but I feel also scared from it. Assuming the role of journalist would not be easy for me, but the same time I enjoy writing and expressing my opinion on a paper. I have never written articles before, so please do not expect professional work, but I will do my best trying to entertain you and showing my point of view. I will follow D.A.N.C.E. instruction for my writing, which is extremely helpful information – Describe, Analyse, Narrative, Contextualise, Evaluate.

Describe what happened.
Analyse what the subject of article is about.
Narrative: Tell a story.
Contextualise the subject matter of your article.
Evaluate what you have written about in your article.”

Despite all this, I have my own writing style and I hope it will be enough clear to express myself.

In my view, this project will be very useful for my development as a designer. I am pleased to meet various designers with history behind them. I can learn a lot from them and to open my mind more and more and to explore new things.


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