Neil Spiller

Neil Spiller is an architect, artist, writer and teacher. He is also an active member of The Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Laboratory, founded in 2004. His lecture was centred upon achitecture, surrealism, time, space, interactivity and utopian ideas. He showed us a lot of drawings which demonstrated his vivid imagination. I remember his words “No building is perfect” and that reminds me about us, people, because there is no ideal human being. However, I have been always thinking that this is truth because we are mortal. Now I start to believe that only the power to create in our mind can be immaculate.

Neil Spiller began his lecture talking about a project, called “Communicating Vessels”. He paid attention to architectural and technological space. He mentioned his favourite philosopher Zodiac Mindwarp and after that explained about his little imaginary island. It was very green and there was a gate in front of it. I like this idea, but I am not sure that I understand it very well. Entire Spiller’s lecture was confused and complicated for me. He changed the topic frequently, but in the end he connected them all. It was interesting to be seen his surrealistic vision. The lecturer is also Salvador Dali’s admirer and displayed to us one of his sculpture, named Lilith. Lilith is a bad witch woman, but also she is Adam’s first wife.

Next subject was about “the angel of the Brazilian bush”. Inspiration for this drawing came from the fountain of Bernini, an Italian sculptor and architect, lived 1598 – 1680. Later Spiller showed us another work of Bernini, “Apollo and Daphne” sculpture. This is one of the most beautiful sculpture in the world for him. It is expressed how Apollo chases Daphne to give her his love. This is a divine creation, gently and very romantic. It made me impression that the lecturer noticed all kind of details of Apollo and Daphne – their fingers, position of the foots, everything.

Little soft mashinery is placed right to the front to the island. I haven’t understanded that yet and its connection with his island and the genetic of his architecture. Probably I will never understand it. However, I remember very well his explanation about the power of desire and I agree with it. This is one of the strongest feelings in the world and also one of the biggest temptations.

Neil Spiller shared an interesting theory about inventions. That was one of the most reasonable things which I have ever heard. When some technology is invented, that means it is invented and its destruction as well. He said “When you invent technology, you invent and disaster. Plane – plane crash, train – train crash…” This is absolute truth. I can give another example with medicines. Some cure heals one disease, but causes another. A coin has two sides. With the technology is exactly the same – new inventions make our life more comfortable, but the same time they create collisions, wars, illnesses or cataclysms.

Spiller finished his lecture with words “Imagination is a great thing, sometimes it can scare people”. Although most of the time I was confused about what he was talking about, in my opinion, he showed us amazing drawings. I am grateful he shared with us his sources of inspiration and especially Bernini’s work. In the end, I want to say that I learnt how such different things like surrealism and architecture can be connected with a strong relation and to be done that you need only to not be frighten of the power of your mind.


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