Timeline Project

This is my favourite project so far. Again we have to create a conceptual map, but now it has to convey timeline for 2 decades. The timeline may include historical, political and cultural facts, famous artists, important people, art movements, wars, music and events. In short, we can write for everything which is essential for this era.

This is not individual work, it is a group project and we have to create a new blog in wordpress for this task. I’m in one group with Serena, Sebastian, Victor and Toks and the URL of our group blog is:
Also there is a link in my Bookmarks – G3 Timeline.

We got 2 decades – from 1911 to 1921 and from 1981 to 1991 and we decided each of us to write for different topic. So Serena is writing for art movements, Victor for politics and wars, Sebastian for music, Toks for automobiles and me for inventions. I like this issue – inventions, it is very interesting subject indeed. I started with my research. It seems there are a lot of novelties during 20th century. That is absolutely normal, of course, because, on the whole, this 100 years are the period with the fastest growing technologies. I concentrated on my 2 decades. Frankly, the first decade, from 1911 to 1921, is more intriguing for me, maybe because the second period is not so old. Even I was born during this time (between 1981 and 1991). So, the first 10 years are extremely captivating. Throughout this decade there is huge development of weapons and airplanes. The main cause for that is the First World War. One of the biggest inventions is tank, invented in 1912. It played a big role in this war. The first seaplane, first passenger airplane and first transport planes was created. Actually, maybe this is one of the most successful period of aviation’s progress. In addition machine guns have been widespread. Although their start is in the early 20th century, actually their first major use is in World War 1. And also they were mounted in aircraft for the first time then.

Although this 10 years were a big step forward for armed forces, in my opinion, there were some more crucial inventions. For example, for me, as a woman, maybe the most successful creation is the bra, invented by Mary Phelps Jacob. Before that women wore corsets which was extremely unhealthy. The bra is not only much more comfortable, but also beneficial for human’s body. Other big invention is the zip. It is still very popular, even today and I don’t think that there is a worthy substitute for the zip. The first crossword was composed the same year, in 1913. At present we have all kind of games, but still the crossword is quite famous and people adore it. And definetely I have to mention band-aid, because this is an invention created with so much love by Earle Dickson for his wife. She always hurt herself while cooking and he worried about her and that was the reason to make band-aid. Love can be a real motive for novelty.

The next decade is a little boring for me, although during this time it was invented the first computers and World Wide Web. Well, actually these inventions totally have changed our life. Also there was a huge progress in medicine, biology and chemistry.

I decided to display my part of the timeline project in one extraordinary way. I made Fibonacci spiral with inventions. Fibonacci system is formed  by starting with 0 and 1 and then adding the latest two numbers to get the next string. And this connection repeats again and again. I used this technique because, in my view, it is appropriately to convey a chronology through the Golden section. The spiral is growing out of squares sized according Fibonacci Series and I find some similarity between it and the timeline of inventions’ development. Over the years it was rising and becoming bigger exactly as the spiral.

I will create new pages for my detailed research about inventions. That was only a brief. And here I want to show our group timeline. Me and my partners discussed how to present our work. We made new research and after that Serena suggested an amazing idea – to use a wheel from an old game show.

So, we created our wheel, slightly different of course, and this is our group final design for the Timeline Project. My part about inventions is in the red section.

Here timeline for the first decade 1911-1921:

Here timeline for the second decade 1981-1991:




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  2. Rosa

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    I love it!

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    I t looks like hard work!


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